Completed projects

Building the future

CO.E.Live is a construction company working in the civil, hospitality and industrial sectors, with a particular focus on refurbishments and the restoration of listed heritage buildings and buildings of special architectural value.
The company was established in 2011 by its three founding partners – Alessio Frizzi, Andrea Frizzi and Giovanni Frizzi – all with many years of experience in engineering and company administration, in order to create a new pole of excellence in the Tuscan construction industry, focusing on service to the client and the community, with tailor-made solutions for every project.

For years, thanks to our team of experienced technicians and highly specialised craftsmen, as well as our finely structured business organisation, CO.E.Live has been completing every phase of its construction projects in an integrated, modern and certified manner: from the initial feasibility study to completion, coordinating and supervising the work of subcontractors with full respect for the client’s requirements.
In each project, CO.E.Live provides a single point of contact who can interface with foreign clients in the English language.

CO.E.Live is unstintingly committed to offering our clients:

  • Attention and service;
  • Outstanding quality of the construction process;
  • Optimised costs for the client;
  • Full compliance with regulations, as well as occupational health and safety;
  • Total client satisfaction;
  • Transparency and trust in our work;
  • The highest standards of corporate and construction site management;
  • Constant application of the principles of social responsibility.
Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality

CO.E.Live creates and refurbishes buildings, in complete safety, so as to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and the wider community. Whether the refurbishment of a building of outstanding architectural value, the restoration of a heritage building, or a project of particular engineering complexity, we complete each commission efficiently, in compliance with regulations and using the most advanced technologies, to ensure that the end product and our services are of the very highest quality.

Leveraging the value of the past

CO.E.Live restoration projects leverage the history and past life of every building. CO.E.Live has many years of diversified experience in the restoration of buildings of special artistic and architectural value, listed and subject to protection under cultural and environmental heritage regulations.

Respect for the environment

Construction projects must never lose sight of the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment. CO.E.Live has been working together with Treedom for years, and 2024 will see us reach the milestone of 600 planted trees.

Turnkey services

Turnkey services

CO.E.Live offers turnkey services: from refurbishments (residential, service, hospitality and industrial) to seismic improvements and upgradations and projects of particular engineering complexity.