Your idea - our passion: the perfect combination for realising your project.

Over time, CO.E.Live has established specialised understanding and know-how of major construction projects, always offering cutting edge solutions tailored to the requirements and expectations of our clients.
Our primary aim is always to make your building more enjoyable and better suited to your needs; to transform a process generally considered stressful into an occasion for passion, enthusiasm and even fun. But above all to be remembered as your companions in realising a project of great importance to you.

Our areas of expertise:



we create exclusive personalised spaces with extreme attention to finishing details and interior design.



we integrate interior design, visual design and branding.



Using cutting edge solutions, methods and logistics that combine quick completion with excellent quality.



Combining advanced technologies calibrated to the client’s needs and the complexities of their business with the option to adapt the logistical project to avoid interruptions to normal business operations. CO.E.Live works in the background while the facility is operating, thus completely avoiding disturbance to the guests.



A modern approach combined with the best craftsmanship enables us to use the most advanced technologies and materials without compromising the historical authenticity of the building, thus fully restoring it to its original splendour.

CO.E.Live Constructions

Turnkey construction projects

CO.E.Live offers a turnkey service, the mark of the most important construction companies, guaranteeing stress-free completion and handling every phase of the project with dedication and complete mastery.

CO.E.Live & I.V.F. Costruzioni

To consolidate our profile in the refurbishment of luxury and historic buildings, as well as in the hospitality sector, CO.E.Live acquired a 20% share in IVF Costruzioni Srl in 2024.

CO.E.Live Constructions

Established in 1971 as “Costruzioni Prefabbricati Firenze”, IVF Costruzioni has over thirty years of experience in new construction projects, covering residential, industrial, commercial and office buildings. Over the years, the company has consolidated its know-how in the refurbishment and restoration of heritage and stately buildings, as well as in the luxury segment, which includes prestige residences and top quality hotels.

Thanks to the vast experience gained by our technicians and craftsmen over decades of qualified work and our profound understanding of the Tuscan territory, CO.E.Live and IVF Costruzioni are now able to offer integrated solutions for refurbishing luxury residences and hospitality facilities like hotels and resorts. We also restore prestige and listed buildings, ensuring continuity of business throughout the project with minimal interruptions.

CO.E.Live Constructions

Our activities

  • New constructions
  • Refurbishments (residential, hospitality and industrial)
  • Restoration of listed and heritage buildings subject to restriction by the local Superintendency
  • Restoration of residences of outstanding architectural value
  • Seismic improvement and upgradation of brick and reinforced concrete buildings
  • Projects of particular engineering complexity
  • Steel structure buildings
  • Restoration of stone and heritage elements